Customer Services

At Quadrel, we are at the forefront of technology innovation and the concrete industry.

Customer Services

At DSS, we are at the forefront of knowledge about the concrete and aggregate industries.

With our multi-disciplinary backgrounds in materials science and engineering, construction processes, and information technology, we create value for your company's specific needs. Our priority is to help you build towards a smarter future.

Cloud Solutions

Since 2002, we have offered Quadrel on the cloud. More than 65 percent of Quadrel users take advantage of this hosting option. Quadrel is implemented for secure, on-line, remote execution so that you can access any capability anywhere, whether on the field via your handheld device or at home on your desktop. Hosting makes Quadrel installations very efficient by minimizing the need for IT resources and reducing implementation and maintenance costs. If your company prefers installing Quadrel on your own servers, we can do the work remotely, and have you up and running in a couple of days.

Advisory Solutions

Let innovation power your performance. We offer dedicated advisory and performance review sessions to make sure that you are capturing the full value from Quadrel. We help you review your data, identify performance benchmarks, and establish corresponding corporate policies.

Product and Reporting Customization

Our philosophy has always been to partner with our customers, building products with them for them. Quick turnaround product add-ons and unlimited reporting customization are available to fit your company's needs.