Powering Ready-Mix Performance

Quadrel’s innovative suite of products is at the forefront of concrete and aggregate management. Its robust, breakthrough technologies dramatically impact all areas of your company - IT, operations, sales, finance, and management - powering your performance and profitability. By centralizing data and plugging into production, Quadrel creates business visibility that fuels informed decision-making.

Top performance through the concrete life cycle

Using the breakthrough Closed Loop Solutions® (CLI) process, Quadrel drives quality management, optimizes workflows, identifies plant operational issues, and improves profitability across the production spectrum. CLI maintains data integrity throughout the concrete product life cycle, giving you the power to deliver technically and economically optimized batches to customers every time.

Connecting your systems

Quadrel serves as the front-end of the concrete production cycle by directly connecting to dispatch and batch panel systems. It executes from a consolidated database that interfaces across plant production systems in real-time, giving you a window into cross-operational activity.

Quadrel Software

Quadrel is an enterprise software that runs on company servers or the cloud. Customers can elect to purchase or license the software by product or in bundled form based on company needs, from a basic technical one (iService) to the full fledged operational and business suite (11 products).