iRock is our aggregate and blend manager. iRock tracks sieve and physical tests (ASTM and CSA measurements), measures aggregate quality and performance, and manages fractionated materials. iRock provides a single information system – at the production level -- for managing aggregates in both concrete plants and aggregate pit/quarries. Aggregate products can be used in mix designs or in other, non-concrete applications. Additionally, iRock stores aggregate cost information which can be used to minimize costs when blending aggregates.

  • Manage ASTM-classified Aggregate products at pits/quarries and concrete plants.

  • Classify aggregate products per ASTM and international type and subtype definitions.

  • Create aggregate products and link to set of standard and user-defined specs.

  • Record a wide range of ASTM tests.

  • Generate a grid-report showing test results versus spec limits.

  • Blend and auto-optimize aggregates to user-defined, workability factor limits, or power curve limits.


Aggregate Work Center

iRock gives you a centralized view and control over your aggregate operations. Its business tree lets you manage aggregates at both producer aggregate plants and consumer concrete plants. Its aggregate materials tree lets you break down products by type; checking the listed products deploys them from the aggregate sources to the concrete plants. Shown here is the expanded aggregate tree for a plant, and all the ASTM associated tests.

Aggregate Gradation Reporting

No longer spend time maintaining linked cells and using macros to color code. With iRock’s aggregate gradation tools, you can view results in seconds. Default specification tolerances to ASTM or seamlessly tie it into mix design by automatically linking result averages to concrete mix design calculations.

Composite Aggregates

With our unique Composite Aggregates feature, you can easily adjust gradations and optimize blends. Composite aggregates can be virtual, non-physical or actual materials that behave as a real material in Quadrel. Now optimize the blending of multi-component composite aggregates by methods such as power, best fit to used-defined limits, and coarseness factor with one click. Quadrel instantaneously updates any linked concrete mixes with the changes. With Quadrel’s mass mix adjustment tools, you can go even farther and mass adjust yield and cost for any mixes with composite aggregates.