Our project-driven workflow for Sales - iBiz manages concrete job enquiry and quotation through price agreement and order execution. Now drive sales by accessing the latest cost data and mixes, quoting in minutes using customized templates, and tracking project performance.

  • Standardize your Sales process with uniform data across departments.

  • Directly access the most relevant mixes from Quadrel.

  • Price smarter using the latest material, mix, and transportation costs and trends.

  • Ensure that customer orders are quickly and correctly processed.

  • Improve margin management by linking inactive project batching costs.

  • Interfaces with dispatch, ERP, and CRM systems.


Project-driven Workflow

iBiz’s project-driven workflow streamlines your Sales process. It handles tender or job-in-hand (contractor won job) projects and each step of the concrete sales pipeline: project enquiry from the customer, quote generation and pricing, approval process to sign off on accepted quotes, and job card authorization for order processing per project.

The best products at your fingertips

Scrambling to get the right information to quote the job? Lost time exchanging dated mix product spreadsheets with Technical? Now directly select the latest and most relevant value-adds, materials, and mixes whenever needed. Quadrel’s centralized database powers you to link to Technical’s inventory in real-time, identifying the best products for the job.

Quote Smarter

Push out quotes in minutes using customized templates and real-time information. Price using the latest cost data from Quadrel iCost (link to icost page), and rework for negotiations. With Quadrel Closed Loop Integration®, track won-projects through batching to assess performance, keeping both your margins healthy and customers happy.