iService is our core module - the performance and quality management solution for mix design, yield management, dynamic submittals, statistical analysis, and lab management. Now you can consolidate all material, mix, batch, cost, and test data and access this powerhouse of information from a single point of entry. iService also serves as the front-end to your dispatch and batch panel systems, enabling you to drive quality and performance throughout the concrete production cycle.

  • Comprehensive statistical analysis and charting per ACI, BS, and BS/EN standards.

  • Mix Design Optimization and Global Management.

  • Materials Utilization, Blending, and Yield Management.

  • Full Lab Management and Testing Tools.

  • High-powered Submittals.

  • Management and Performance Reports.


Powerful Submittals

Forget tedious data-entry and complicated spreadsheets. Now with Quadrel’s electronic submittals, you can integrate your mix products, test data, and analysis and send off one sleek and professional document in just a few minutes! Quadrel submittals includes 100s of customizable templates, document and contact managers, and supports direct emailing or faxing.

Mix Performance Analysis

Quadrel automatically analyzes mix performance based on ACI criteria. Now quickly identify mixes that are meeting requirements or under/over-performing using color-coded tables. Easily set performance requirements per job or project’s specifications. Customize tables to determine why mixes are performing a certain way - some popular inclusions: cementitious efficiency, actual batched material weights, testing company and tester ID, or coefficient of variation (including within batch).

Production Costs Simulation

How will replacing materials or adjusting yield affect my batching costs? Now stop asking “what if” and easily identify the most economic global adjustments. Simulate cost of materials before committing changes to production. Here our Product Costs tool simulates a global replacement of fly ash by adjusting yield and projecting the total cost impact across mixes and plants.

Mass Materials Maintenance

Supplier changes, seasonal adjustments? No problem. Now you can adjust yield or replace materials for one or many mixes across all your plants within minutes. Mass Materials Maintenance is a powerful and incredibly useful tool that is unique to Quadrel. With CLI (link), you can go one step farther and securely upload the Quadrel mass changes to production with one click (dispatch or batch panel).

ACI Statistics

Quadrel’s powerful Standard Statistics lets you analyze a group of batches based on ACI standard strength criteria. Now drag and drop test results to quickly chart performance using numerous graphs; identify trends and quickly drill down into outliers to troubleshoot poorly performing batches.

Aggregate Gradation and Blending

With Quadrel’s user-defined blending tools, you can optimize aggregate combinations to a particular mix design using powerful methods, including: lowest Cost, best Fit, Coarseness/Workability, Power (Fuller) Curves.